161: Sarah A. Abdallah - Re-imaging, Re-designing, and Re-creating With Functional Creative Design.

Sarah A. Abdallah, polymath, innovator, and founder of New York-based bespoke Architecture & Design Studio - Functional Creative Design, is this week's guest.

In part two we deep dive into Sarah’s journey prior to starting her design studio Functional Creative Design, working with Rockwell Group, Tony Chi & Associates, Perkins and Eastman, and Grand Hotels, and her vision and focus which led her to start her studio.

Sarah describes her desire to add an additional layer to design and space planning. She discusses the importance of listening, fusing all input, using her functional skills and knowledge base, to meet a client's vision.

We discuss sustainability in the industry, the need to take a 360 view, the impact of Covid, and the battle that many firms have to stay in business.   

Sarah explains her principles underpinning Functional Creative Design, how design will change in a post-Covid world, the power and value of our connectivity, how intimacy can be created through technology, physical spaces that incorporate the outdoors indoors, and the need to deliver improved accessibility and social justice, across all socio-economic groups. 

Anyone considering leaving their corporate job, Sarah’s story will provide inspiration of what is possible when you reimagine and add value to a category.

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