128: Marcus G Miller - Moral Imagination, Racial Justice and Quantum Theory

Guest Overview

Last week I caught up with our guest from Episode No 56, the deep thinking, mathematician and musician, Marcus G Miller 

Marcus has written some thought provoking and expansive reflections on Covid19, about the death of George Floyd and the impact on the Black Lives Matter movement.  

As one of the most well read and thoughtful guests we have had I was keen to hear Marcus’s perspective on our current world reality and how the future might play out. 

I seek Marcus’s advice on what white folk can do to support the drive for racial justice.  We discuss his perspective on the need for moral consciousness, and imagination. Marcus reflects on the media’s reporting of the death of black men by the police and the broader underreported killings across the country, the media’s handling of this and how the left and right react.  Marcus recommends the books we should read to build our insight and knowledge on the nature of racism. Toward the end of the discussion I seek Marcus’s perspective on meditation and the unifying principle of physics as he shares the latest thinking on the topic. 

I hope you enjoy the thoughts, reflections and expansive imagination of Marcus G Miller.  


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