The Crux, Episode 2: Unlocking the privacy and trust opportunity

Welcome back to The Crux, an IAB UK Podcast mini-series in partnership with Google. Over three special episodes, the IAB's James Chandler takes on the issues at the heart of marketing’s future with a range of industry experts to get to The Crux – the questions marketers should be asking themselves. In Episode 2, we're asking 'How can you build trust with customers through more transparent data practices?'. As conventional ad targeting methods become outdated, James investigates the strategies and explores the benefits of a new privacy-first path forward for marketers. To get to the heart of the issue, James is joined by Assembly Global's Femi Taiwo, Author and psychologist Nathalie Nahai, and Google's UK Privacy Lead, Adam Taylor.

Join us next week for Episode 3 when James will be joined by WACL President, Nishma Patel Robb, to journey through the evolution of women in advertising and look ahead to the future exploring the need for balanced leadership at the top.  

This episode of The IAB UK Podcast is brought to you in partnership with Google.

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