The Crux, Episode 1: The viewing habits reshaping connection

Welcome to The Crux, a new IAB UK Podcast mini-series in partnership with Google. Over the next three episodes, the IAB's James Chandler takes on the issues at the heart of marketing’s future with a range of industry experts to get to The Crux – the questions marketers should be asking themselves. In Episode 1, we're asking 'What results do you want from your next campaign?', exploring the impact the shift away from linear consumption has had on content creators, and the opportunity for marketers to effectively measure campaigns and reach audiences. To get under the skin of this issue, James is joined by eBay’s Head of Media Strategy & Investment Toby Foy, YouTube creator Uche Natori, and Tom Sherwood, Product Lead at YouTube UK.

Join us next week for Episode 2 when James and his guests will be unlocking the privacy and trust opportunity by asking: how can I build trust with customers through more transparent data practices?

This episode of The IAB UK Podcast is brought to you in partnership with Google.

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