Stay Engaged 2022: 'User Experience is the Key to Advertiser Success'

Do you remember when searching the web meant navigating a minefield of unwelcome pop-ups promising to cure your belly fat? While this may still ring true for some sites, it’s time to recognise that digital advertising has come a long way.

But what has driven this change? Yes, targeting and attribution have played their part – but they have not been the only driving force. This session will dive into the vital, yet overlooked, role that user experience has played in the evolution of digital advertising since the first pop-up banner in 1997.

In particular, Picnic’s CEO and Founder, Matthew Goldhill, will discuss the rapid rise of mobile apps and UGC, and how these mobile-first developments have inspired better digital advertising across the wider web. Plus, hear Matt's predictions as the pandemic’s digital acceleration continues and we enter web 3.0.

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