Season 2 Episode 9 | Engage Special

“Know more than the next person.” So said Alex Jenkins, Editorial Director of Contagious at IAB UK’s Engage on Wednesday 5 June. And if you missed it, there’s no better way to know more about what happened there than the next person than by listening to this special episode of the IAB Podcast.

Recorded on-site at the Barbican, host James Chandler, CMO at IAB UK, catches up with speakers from the day who tell us what they talked about on stage, how the internet lets them be their best selves and what they’re optimistic about for the future. That’s all before getting onto the gritty detail of what their most used emoji is.

In this special episode, hear from Tina Daheley, Caroline Criado Perez, Charlie Craggs, Alex Jenkins, Nigel Tierney and more. The IAB UK podcast will be back to our usual format in two weeks with the final episode of this season.


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