Season 2 Episode 4 | We're all ears

Ad tech, advertisers, agencies, lend us your ears for episode four, as host James Chandler turns his attention to all things aural. Global’s Guy Jones and Acast’s Chris Wistow join our roundtable to talk all things audio, while sound connoisseur Sam Crowther gives us a whirlwind explanation of Sonic Branding in Two Minutes On. We can confirm that no blue hedgehogs were hurt in the making of this segment.

The inside track on life at the IAB comes from our brand new Standards Manager Keren Tal talking about the upgrade to the Gold Standard and Catherine Cribbin returns to the podcast to share some highlights from Digital Britain last week.

The episode concludes with James grilling the Guardian’s Nick Hewat and leaving us all wondering why he isn’t allowed to return to Cuba…

Read about Gold Standard 1.1 here

Find out what happened at Digital Britain and watch the film here


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