Season 2 Episode 3 | The B-Word

Order! There may be mayhem in the Houses of Parliament, and at the time of writing we do not know exactly when Britain will leave the EU, but this Brexit episode of the IAB UK podcast will be sure to bring a bit of calm into your lives. We should probably clarify this was recorded on 18 March and frankly by the time you listen, anything could have happened.


We couldn’t bring ourselves to make a whole episode on Brexit, so we gladly turn our attention to Programmatic Guaranteed in Two Minutes On as we hear from MG OMD’s Lee Brisco. And in Overheard at the IAB, Lucy Harrington remembers her favourite sessions at Leadership Summit while George Hopkinson updates us on what happened in the Townhalls.


As ever, host James Chandler goes full Paxman for a wide-ranging 60 second interview with Microsoft’s Ravleen Beeston. Just don’t ever borrow anything from her because the universe will get you…




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