Nonference Special

In this special one-off episode we bring to you the best of Nonference – hot off the press.

Hear from the quiz masters at BuzzFeed on how they tackled running a session at Nonference, getting punters to make their own quizzes on crucial topics like ‘what type of garlic bread are you?’ for their different media brands. 

We caught up with Kathleen Moroney of Red Apple Creative and Jamie Morton from My Dad Wrote A Porno on podcast advertising and really knowing your audience. And we couldn’t resist stealing 5 minutes from Katy Winter from Mail Metro Media to tell us about key decisions the MailOnline picture desk have to make every day... such as whether to muz or to pixilate that oh-so-famous Orlando Bloom paddleboard snap.

We even popped over to the Rezonence area to hear from those having a go at using their mind to pour the perfect pint!

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