Horror Hangout #316 : The Big Fat Horror Movie Quiz #7 (Featuring Aaron Truss & Kevin Martin)

The Big Fat Horror Movie Quiz returns for another end of year special with question master Andy Conduit-Turner overseeing the trivia showdown.

This time it's original hosts Ben Errington and Luke Kondor taking on Aaron Truss and Kevin Martin - Team VHS! Can the Horror Hangout boys reclaim their crown?

00:00 Intro

04:17 2023 Favourites / Looking Forward to 2024

39:07 Quiz - Choosing Questions

44:56 Quiz - Speed Round

58:24 Quiz - How Did They Die?

1:39:28 Quiz - Limericks

1:44:49 Quiz - Doodle Round

2:02:39 Quiz - The Name Game

2:09:03 Quiz - Finish The Lyric

2:24:34 Quiz - Guess the Cast

2:30:25 Quiz - Hammer's Hammer

2:46:03 Quiz - Higher or Lower

3:05:05 Quiz - Plot Key Words

3:40:28 Quiz - Final Jeopardy

3:58:06 Outro

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Aaron Truss is an award-winning director and producer best known for ‘(K)nox: The Rob Knox Story’. Aaron studied at Thames Valley University in London and spent over a decade working in post-production, creating original content for IMAX and Sony Pictures.



Kevin Martin is the owner of The Lobby DVD Shop, Actor in ‘Straight To Video’ webseries, co-founder Of Dedfest Film Festival and star of the upcoming ‘The Last Video Store’ movie.




Audio credit - Taj Easton


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