Horror Hangout #299 : FrightFest 2023

It’s time to take a leap directly into The Dark Heart of Cinema!

This week Ben Errington, Andy Conduit-Turner and Luke Kondor attend FrightFest at Cineworld in Leicester Square (London).

The extensive episode includes interviews with Sandy Johnson, Paris Zarcilla, Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist, Lyndsey Craine, Stewart Sparke, Andy Edwards, Alina Allison, Faye Campbell, Mark Sears, Sarah Appleton, Jasper Sharpe, Takeshi Kushida, Aaron Truss, Catherine Curtin, Jaeden Boatilla, Emma Cownley, Chris Mayo, Sarah of Horror, John Netr, Jake West and more!

Plus we caught up with friends of the show Janine Pipe, John Crinan, Becci Sayce.

Covering films including but not limited to Punch, How To Kill Monsters, The J-Horror Virus, Founders Day, Cobweb, Raging Grace, My Mother's Eyes, T-Blockers, Eight Eyes, Creeping Death, REC - Terror Without Pause, The Seeding, Transmission, Minore, Cheat, Black Mold, Suitable Flesh, Lore, The Glenarma Tapes, New Life, Werewolf Santa, Herd, Piper, Mancunian Man and Pareidolia!

00:00 Disclaimer

01:14 Day 1 Introduction

13:40 Interview w/ Andy Edwards (Director of Punch)

15:22 Interview w/ Alina Allison (Star of Punch)

18:17 Interview w/ Faye Campbell (Star of Punch)

19:20 Interview w/ Mark Sears (Star of Punch)

21:25 Day 1 Round Up

34:44 Day 2 Introduction

38:32 Interview w/ Sarah Appleton & Jasper Sharp (Directors of The J-Horror Virus)

43:27 Interview w/ John Pata (Director of Black Mold)

46:17 Interview w/ Paul Butler (Writer of How to Kill Monsters)

47:57 Interview w/ Lyndsey Craine (Star of How to Kill Monsters)

49:46 Interview w/ Stewart Sparke (Star of How to Kill Monsters)

55:47 Luke Kondor Arrives!

57:36 Interview w/ Takeshi Kushida (Director of My Mother's Eyes - Before Screening)

59:13 Day 3 Introduction

1:03:49 Interview w/ John Crinan

1:08:00 Interview w/ Chris Mayo (Big Fat Cult)

1:12:08 Cobweb Review

1:19:50 Interview w/ Becci Sayce

1:23:19 Interview w/ Emma Cownley

1:27:14 Interview w/ Mike Hurst (Director of Transmission)

1:32:47 Day 2 & 3 Round Up / Day 4 Introduction

1:56:30 The Seeding Review

2:01:08 REC - Terror Without Pause Review

2:06:46 Interview w/ Jaeden Paige Boadilla (Star of Raging Grace)

2:08:16 Interview w/ Paris Zarcilla (Director of Raging Grace)

2:13:02 T-Blockers Review w/ John Crinan

2:14:27 Eight Eyes Review w/ John Crinan

2:17:24 Interview w/ Jake West (Director of Mancunian Man)

2:21:14 Day 4 Round Up / Day 5 Introduction

2:28:30 Interview w/ Takeshi Kushida (Director of My Mother's Eyes - After Screening)

2:31:39 Interview w/ Catherine Curtin (Star of Founders Day)

2:33:23 Interview w/ Erik Bloomquist & Carson Bloomquist (Director & Writer of Founders Day)

2:35:33 My Mother's Eyes Review

2:37:58 Founders Day Review w/ Janine Pipe

2:42:43 Interview w/ Aaron Truss (Director of Pareidolia)

2:45:29 Interview w/ Sandy Johnson (Star of Pareidolia)

2:47:54 Interview w/ Sarah of Horror

2:50:18 Outro / Thanks

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Audio credit - Taj Easton


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