Episode 325: Emergency Bab-Pod

Justin Cuthbert joins the show to discuss the Leafs coaching change, where things went wrong, who's to blame, and how they can salvage the season.

Topics include:
1:30 - The decision to bring Mike Babcock back this season
4:00 - Sense of urgency to win, and summer of 2017
13:00 - Philosophical differences between coach and management
17:00 - Adjustments, style of play, and the offense drying up
21:00 - Mike Babcock's lasting legacy
27:30 - Auston Matthews' usage
39:00 - The 2016 Penguins comparison
43:00 - Getting the most out of Tyson Barrie
49:00 - The landscape in the Atlantic
54:30 - Organizational unity
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