Episode 400: Method to Mark Stone's Madness

Jesse Granger joins the show to discuss how the Golden Knights came back from down two games to beat the Avalanche, how Mark Stone was able to slow Nathan MacKinnon down, and all of the stuff that has and hasn't worked for them this postseason. Topics include:

Why this felt like such a big upset

The adjustments Vegas made after Game 1

What player usage tells us about how coaches really feel

The Mark Stone vs. Nathan MacKinnon head to head

What Stone does to make him so effective

The way their defensemen flip the puck out of the zone

Putting pressure on the other team with puck pursuit

Alex Pietrangelo's impact when it mattered most

Playoff officiating and coaches working the refs

Rink bias for recording shots, chances, and other stats

Things to watch in the next round vs. Montreal

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