Emirate of Córdoba and Abd al-Rahman

This is episode 25 called Emirate of Córdoba and Abd al-Rahman and in this episode you will learn:


- Opposition of former wali Yusuf and Syrian commander al-Sumayl

- Revolts of Yusuf's family, local particularistic revolts and Abbasid-backed conspiracies

- The last stand of Emir Abd al-Rahman in Carmona's fortress

- The autonomy of Muslim cities far from Córdoba and the fall of Narbonne in 759, marking the end of Muslim presence in France

- Charlemagne's first campaign in Spain, resulting in a complete failure and the disaster at the Pass of Roncesvalles

- The organization of an Andalusi standing army, improvement of infrastructure and transformation of the capital of the Emirate, Córdoba

- Start of the building of the Great Mosque of Córdoba

- Analysis of the legacy of Abd al-Rahman I of Córdoba

- How interfaith marriages between Muslim men and Christian women were used to pacify and colonize the Iberian Peninsula

- Status of concubines of the Umayyad court and why concubines were useful to preserve the royal dynasty

- My two cents on interfaith relations during the centuries of Islamic hegemony