Consolidation of the Kingdom of Asturias

This is episode 24 called Consolidation of the Kingdom of Asturias and in this episode you will learn:


- The transformation of Asturias from an Asturias chiefdom to a multi-regional kingdom under Alfonso I of Asturias

- How Alfonso I took advantage of the turmoil, famines and droughts of al-Andalus to conquer, raid, colonize and depopulate

- Formation of the Desert of the Duero, a large no man's land that functioned as a buffer zone between the Kingdom of Asturias and the Emirate of Córdoba

- Economic and demographic changes due to the incorporation of new peoples (Mozarabs, Western Basques and Galicians)

- The revolts of the elites of Galicia and western Vasconia during the reign of Fruela of Asturias

- The role of monasteries in the processes of expansion and colonization of the Reconquista

- What was the royal court of Asturias like

- The causes of the anti-seignorial revolt during the reign of Aurelio

- The reign of Silo and how Alfonso II couldn't yet rule due to the usurpation of Mauregato

- The controversy of Spanish Adoptionism and its role to reaffirm the independence of the Asturian Church and to bring Asturias closer to the Carolingian Empire

- The works of Beato de Liébana, the most prominent intellectual of the Kingdom of Asturias

- Reflection on why Alfonso I couldn't annex the large area of the Duero Valley