***Special Guest Episode on Greek Land Warfare w/Owen Rees***

In this special guest episode, Dr. Owen Rees and I discuss Ancient Greek land warfare in general with lengthy discussions on the definition of a hoplite, its socio-political importance, and the problems surrounding its chronology and historiographic tradition; the problems with the traditional reconstructive models of ancient Greek battles; the important role of cavalry and light infantry, particularly in the Peloponnesian War onwards; and why the concept of an “honorable western way of war” which seeks its origins in ancient Greek warfare is bogus and hyped up in modern ideology. There are also lots of digression on logistics, slaves, baggage trains, training, the Spartan mirage, the brutal experience of war, the fear that it instilled, the war dead, and the transition of soldiers from civilian life to the battlefield and back again, including all the psychological and sociological problems that arise from this.


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