Is "hey guys" anti-feminist?; & why we are better people than our worst joke

Jeremy Hunt forgot his wife's nationality; someone tried to book 6 hotel rooms at The High Low (us neither); & Dolly smashed a glass of wine all over CJ's recording equipment. Hola August: the summer madness has officially begun! 

We discuss Jane Garvey's comment on Radio 4's Woman's Hour this week: that "hey guys" should not be used when a gathering includes women. Is "guys" an anti-feminist collective term; or has it evolved into unisex slang? And are there any non-gross alternatives?

Also today, we talk about comedian and talk show host Trevor Noah and his distasteful 2013 joke about aboriginal women, which has recently re-surfaced and has seen Australians boycotting his upcoming tour in Australia. Should we be allowed to evolve beyond our past (worst) jokes? And what is the role of comedy, in a post-MeToo, Trumpian world?

The High Low will be taking a summer break, so Pandora can play with her baby and Dolly can take a post-book tour breather. We'll be back on September 6th. Byeeeeeee!


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