That Taylor Swift Song & Macron's €8,000 Make-Up Habit

It’s Dolly’s birthday today! And as if in celebration, The High Low has hit half a million downloads.

Listen to Pandora sing happy birthday to Dolly and the two discuss Hilary Mantel’s epic piece on Princess Diana and 'the princess myth' for The Guardian and Alan Yentob’s BBC interview with Margaret Atwood.

Also today, some deep-dive discussion into Taylor Swift’s record-breaking new tune (43.2million YouTube downloads in 24 hours) and whether it’s self-aware and brave, or gauche and obvious. One thing’s for sure: Taylor ain't pretending to play nice anymore.

Playing nice, at least with make-up, is French President Emmanuel Macron, whose make-up regime have been revealed as costing €8,000 and then a further €10,000. Is he wearing bespoke presidential foundation? Or lasering his ball sack with the finest lasers in the land? The High Low discusses if this is a gendered issue (yes) and whether Theresa May would get away with spending £18,000 of public funding on her fizzy.

Fun facts from today’s Top Line: in a brand alignment like no others, Julien McDonald is making diamante burger boxes for McDonald’s; and soft cheese could be making your head smaller. Oh, and do you have Prosecco gums? Dolly might do.

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