Prince Harry's Letter To The Tabloids; & Do Brits Spend Money On Being Polite?

It's a big week for the food chains: Pizza Express - every millennial's favourite nostalgic restaurant - is in chronic debt; and Rory Stewart has pledged allegiance to Pret. We talk loos and why women spend 2.3 times as long in the loo as men, the return of our favourite podcast, Dear Joan and Jericha, Jason Donovan's turn as a fire fighter and Rod Stewart's heroic move, after a couple's wedding was scuppered by the Thomas Cook crash. 

Also today, Prince Harry's letter to the tabloids and Meghan's lawsuit against The Mail on Sunday, about the paparazzi bullying of his wife, Meghan (and the leaking of Thomas Markle's letter) which he compares to the plight of his mother, Princess Diana and calls, "history repeating itself". The royal biographers are muttering into their bone china tea cups, but is his voluble emotion - and fury - justified, or will it prove counter-productive?

And Dolly has found a poll about politeness. Do British people spend more money on being polite? 


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