The BBC Pay Gap, To The Bone & R Kelly's Alleged Sex Crime

After a break last week, it's a (bumper) episode 19 of The High Low. Of course, we're talking about the incendiary gender pay gap revealed at the BBC and the wider question of the value of each and every job.

We discuss the news of R Kelly's alleged disturbing sex cult and how the reporting reflects rape culture and systemic racism. We also unpick the divisive nature of Netflix's new film To The Bone and ask whether it explores the issue of eating disorders with refreshing honesty or whether it simply glamorizes the traumatic reality of anorexia.

Plus, we discuss all the books Pandora's been reading, all the mind-losing that Dolly's been doing and there's our first ever High Low dream sequence back to a particularly memorable gaffe in an early episode (nice work Producer Charlie).

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Hunger by Roxane Gay
Hot Milk by Deborah Levy
Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
The Course of Love by Alan de Botton
How to Resist by Matthew Bolton
Gather The Daughters by Jennie Melamed

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