Was James Corden Wrong To Joke About Harvey Weinstein?; And Are YOU Suffering From Culture Overload?

It’s our first ever live podcast! This week The High Low is brought to you live from tibits, a vegetarian restaurant in Mayfair, where we recorded the episode on Monday 16th October. Thanks to everyone who came and latterly stuffed their faces with the food boat.

This week we discuss Hollywood in the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein’s downfall - and, specifically, James Corden’s controversial jokes about Weinstein at the AmFar Gala. Was Corden speaking out of turn; or have we begun to censor the role of the comic too much?

Also on this week’s agenda is culture overload, after we read a brilliant piece in November’s issue of British Esquire by the Culture Editor, Miranda Collinge, who returned from holiday to find 81 books on her desk. Yes, 81. Are you mired in podcasts, not knowing which way to turn; being buried alive by the pile of books by your bedside table, unsure which to start fast; feeling the impending doom of a boxset binge, knowing that as soon as you finish this series, there’s another that just HAS to be read? And what if you read/watch/listen to the wrong thing. What do you do THEN? We discuss making your own culture agenda and consuming the culture that resonates with you, not your Twitter/Instagram timeline.

Highlights from The Top Line: diet avocados (for god’s sake), the man who changed his middle name to Yorkshire Tea and why Ivana Trump is, in her own words, the real First Lady.

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Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick

Marina O’Loughlin's first restaurant review for The Sunday Times - Dolly can provide link

Grace Dent for The Independent on James Corden’s jokes about Harvey Weinstein - Dolly can provide link




Laura Snapes for The Dolly Mail: 


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