Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Style Guide; & On Young People Not Watching The News on TV

Have you survived the heat wave? HAVE YOU? This week, Dolly discovers a woman who loves a chandelier, Jared O’Mara resigns after assault charges and his press chief sensationally quit via Jared’s own Twitter, and justice is served as the 4 teenagers who assaulted Melania Geymonat and Chris, in May, are charged. Plus a clip from the archive of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp’s arsecrack. It’ll make sense when you hear it. (God bless the 90s.) 

We discuss Leader of the House of Commons’ Jacob Rees-Mogg’s antiquated style guide (banning the use of ‘very’, ‘lot’, commas after ‘and’ and, (see what we did there?) er, ‘got’) and the practicalities of a life led in Esq. We also discuss how young people get their news and the pros and cons to less television. 

The High Low is now on a break for August and will be back in September!

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