An Author Special With Drag Queen Amrou Al-Kadhi

Greta Thunberg gave an emotional speech at the UN Climate Summit in NYC, Sally Challen did her first video interview about emotional abuse and coercive control to Sky News since she was cleared of murdering her husband in July and Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry became Dolly's new hero after her vibey turn at the Labour party conference. 

In shocking news, the inventor of the labradoodle has admitted that he regrets creating the hybrid dog and Demi Moore has released a sizzling autobiography about her marriage to Ashton Kutcher. 

This week we have an author special with Amrou Al-Kadhi. The Iraqi-Brit drag queen known as Glamrou of the drag troupe Denim, they are the author of a new coming-of-age memoir, Unicorn, about navigating a queer identity within a religion that considers homosexuality a crime. They talk about intersectionality, family, the act of transforming pain into pleasure via drag, discovering Sufism and seeking acceptance.

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