An Author Special on Being The Other Mother with Comedian Jen Brister

Dolly's found an emotional support horse called Flirty; Pandora is in love with a Twitter thread about what it was really like to work in HMV. And - gird your loins - Thatcher Wine has done his FIRST INTERVIEW. It's predictably surreal.

Today we host comedian Jen Brister, the author of The Other Mother, published by Square Peg at Penguin Random House, about same sex relationships and being not the biological mother to her twin boys, but "the other one". We talk parenthood, partnership and the pressure of having to come out all over again, as a gay mother.


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The Other Mother, by Jen Brister

The Testaments, by Margaret Atwood

Thatcher Wine interview by Hilary Reid for The Cut

Anthony Ekundayo Lennon interview on being accused of 'passing' as a black man, by Simon Hattenstone for The Guardian

Three Vicars Talking

Donna Schaper on Here’s The Thing


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