The Rise of the ‘Silver Splitter’ - and Pandora’s Best Bum Facts

Grenfell Tower is an unthinkable national tragedy; with many questions still unanswered, victims missing and families displaced. We discuss the aftermath of the most tragic residential fire since World War Two, Sadiq Khan’s piece for The Guardian, and what we hope will lead to change.

You can donate to the Grenfell victims here: and amongst others.

At the low-brow, trivial end of the spectrum, we discuss the rise of the ‘silver splitter’ - sixty-something divorcees forced to find flatmates - and why divorce in the elder members of society (up 5%) isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Also today, we talk about Bum Bum cream, a new £44 product to ’tighten’ your ass (but not your hole.) Did you know that women with bigger bums are smarter and, apparently, live longer? This and many more bum facts - including how much Dolly loves Rear of the Year - on today’s episode of The High Low.

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