#TimesUp - Can The Red Carpet Be A Harbinger Of Social Change? And Toadmeister’s Titty-Tweets

Hello, you stable geniuses! (Or as the pedants may prefer, genii.) 

The Golden Globes happened on Sunday night in Hollywood and The High Low has many a point to discuss:

Does the #TimesUp movement - where actors wore black dresses on the red carpet, in solidarity with victims of sexual harassment - convey a real and true political message? Can a gown be a harbinger for social change? The New York Times’ T Magazine Fashion Critic, Alexander Fury, provides an eloquent argument in favour. Or, is it mere Hollywood “fakery’ - as actor Rose McGowan denounced it.

Self-deprecating and woke as he was, should Seth Meyers have been the host... or should it have been a woman? 

And what about Natalie Portman, who pointed out that no female directors were nominated for best director? No amount of black gowns can cloak that. 

Either way, Justin Timberlake *perhaps* missed the point. “Damn my wife looks hot! #timesup” the Trousersnake tweeted. 

From Hollywood, to Westminster. Also on this weekend agenda, journalist Toby Young’s resignation from his university regulator role, for the Office for Students - just 8 days in the job - after thousands of Young’s archive ‘titty tweets’ caused 20,000 people to sign a petition arguing for his sacking. 

Is a man, or woman, the sum of their tweets? Should your ability to be do your job dependent on your social media timeline? Possibly not. But when you become more known for a tweet that reads “I had my dick up her arse, mate” than your work in the education sector, we wonder if, possibly, a governmental role isn’t quite for you.

Episode takeaway, kids: the internet never forgets. 

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