An Author Special with The One, The Only, The National Treasure: David Nicholls

Westminster rules in favour of gay marriage and abortion rights in Northern Ireland, former EDL leader Tommy Robinson is sentenced to 9 months in prison (and banned from YouTube), a man dressed in a gimp suit terrorises the people of Somerset, and a love letter from Tupac to Madonna is expected to fetch $300,000 at auction. Plus, how do YOU feel about Matt Hancock's plan to link up Alexa and the NHS? (Spoiler alert: Dolly doesn't like robots.)

Today we have the man who has sold 8 million books, who possesses the most delicious voice you've ever heard (it even beats Philippe Sands), the one and only David Nicholls, on the show. The screenwriter of multiple hits such as Great Expectations and Patrick Melrose and the best-selling author of Starter for 10, The Understudy, One Day and Us, he is back with a new novel, Sweet Sorrow, about a teenage summer romance in the 80s. We talk about teenage love, parenting and being parented, writing, anxiety in the internet age and that twist in One Day. 


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