A Live Episode with Google on #MeToo - and Suing The Entire Kardashian Family

It’s another live episode! (Normal recording will resume soon.) We’re at The Curiosity Rooms, in collaboration with Google and Selfridges, talking about the #MeToo hashtag and - because it’s called The High Low - the Kardashians.

The #MeToo hashtag has swept across society in the wake of Weinstein, as hundreds of thousands of women come out to share their stories of harassment and abuse. Pandora has collated over 85 on her Instagram, some of which she reads out - while we both discuss the nuances of this campaign: are men excluded? Does it dwell on collective victim-hood? Does it place the onus on the women, to come out - rather than the men, to ‘fess up? You’ll have to listen to find out, but one conclusion you can be sure of, to paraphrase Emma Watson speaking at the UN in 2014: women’s rights are not about man-hating. We need to break this thought pattern ASAP.

On to the Kardashians - whom Blac Chyna is suing. Yup, the lot of them. Rob Kardashian’s ex fiancee is suing the entire family for “torpedoing” her reality TV career and preventing her from reaching her potential as a social media entrepreneur. When did a social media entrepreneur become a thing? And is this the first time a whole family has been sued, because of it?

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The High Low is going on holiday next week, so you’ve got a nice author special to look forward to.

Bye bye!

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