A Live Episode with Google on Georgina Chapman’s Interview About Ex-Husband, Harvey Weinstein; & Cannes Selfie Ban

It’s another live episode, recorded at The Old Selfridges Hotel in collaboration with Google Pixel 2. Dolly’s hungover, Pandora’s no longer pregnant - so some things have changed since our last live episode; but some things have stayed the same.

We discuss Georgina Chapman’s first ever interview about her ex-husband Harvey Weinstein in US Vogue, 5 months after allegations broke, triggering MeToo. Was this the right outlet for fashion designer Georgina, to give this interview? Is it a PR move? Did she know? And most importantly: why are innocent women seen as the accomplice of guilty men?

In lighter news, we also discuss the Cannes Film Festival’s selfie ban and why you cannot stall a content creator.

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Georgina Chapman on Life After Harvey Weinstein, by Jonathan Van Meter for US Vogue https://www.vogue.com/article/georgina-chapman-life-after-harvey-weinstein

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