Zadie Smith On Beauty & Trolling The McCanns

It's a new episode of The High Low and we've got a bunch of things to recommend watching, listening to and reading covering everything from Indian Partition to an online black drugs market to male privilege to Vanessa Feltz.

In The Top Line, we discover the bizarre tale of the British dad-of-five on holiday who became an accidental Turkish treasure smuggler. Oh and did you know that 1 in 5 UK pets has its own Instagram profile? Jesus weeps.

In the wake of Zadie Smith's comments on the time-wasting practice of contouring, we talk about the role of makeup in a young woman's life and how time-consuming beauty regimes might negate productivity, but never morality.

As the McCanns continue to search for their missing daughter as well as put an end to the horrific abuse they receive online - we talk trolling, public campaigning for missing children and our collective attention span in the wake of a disaster.

Plus, a heart-breaking listener question on deportation and a few words from your hosts on the accidental role of Agony Aunting.

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Silk Road Storyville:

My Family, Partition and Me with Anita Rani:

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Vanessa Feltz interview by Simon Hattenstone for The Guardian

Nasty Women - a collection of essays and accounts of what it means to be a woman in the C21st, published by 404

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