Why We Should Be Cautious Of Banning Songs; & The Internet’s Abuse Against Women

It was the week of Knickers (the cow too big for the abattoir), a Guardian long-read about poo (much to Dolly’s dismay) and Ada Hegerberg, the Norwegian Ballon d’Or winner who coolly refused to twerk. 

This episode, we discuss the proposed ban of the Christmas song, ‘Baby It’s Cold Out Here’, on account of its supposed coercion (“I really must go”) and connotations of date-rape (“what’s in this drink?”) But, when you dig into the lyrics and read what music historians have to say - it turns out this song was the very opposite. Is this a reminder that a ‘past-present’ translator is mandatory, with cultural artifacts? And Google, when are you making one?

Also on the agenda, abuse against women on social media, as written about by journalists Polly Vernon, in Grazia and Daisy Buchanan, on Twitter. Polly calls every day ‘Righteous Internet Pile-in Day’ where women are “attacked, vilified and lampooned by complete strangers.” Meanwhile, Daisy says “I’m sick of being told to just ignore it. What has become so broken?” We discuss the internet’s empathy deficit and why Amnesty International has declared abuse against women on the internet a violation of human rights.

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