NELL HUDSON: You Don't Own Me

We are almost at the end of Season 5, and this week I am absolutely honoured to be chatting to the brilliant Nell Hudson. Join us as we do a deep dive into objectification and why comparison of and between women is not just as Roosevelt said - the thief of joy - but the most corrosive thing to our confidence, our solitary and to feminism. Nell Hudson is a truth demanding writer and actress (Victoria, Outlander Texas Chainsaw Massacre) who has just published her first book Just For Today - a bittersweet evocation of the end of innocence, and an exhilarating celebration of having nothing to lose - until suddenly, you do. Nell and I share thoughts into how to overcome slut shaming and leave your life free of comparison. 


This episode will deepen your relationship with your self and the women in your life

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