Dr Zoe Williams: Love and Vaginas

Finally an expert on The Happy Vagina podcast! You know we love an opinion, but when Dr Zoe Williams joins us this week we got some bonfide, exceptional insights into women's health and why we should all still believe in love at first sight. Tune in to here Zoe speak candidly with us about her joys and challenges as a new Mum, and shares some top tips on vagina, vulva and clitoris care!

Dr Zoe Williams is a practicing NHS GP and media medic with accolades such as being named on the Pulse Power 50 List as one of the country’s most influential GP’s. Trained and practising as a physician, Williams rose to media prominence as the character "Amazon" in the UK television series Gladiators. Since then her broadcast career has seen become a household favourite as one of the country’s most trusted doctors. Zoe is one of the resident GP’s on ITV’s popular daytime show This Morning in addition to presenting for the BBC’s ‘The One Show’, ‘Horizon’ and ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’. Her strength lies in sharing knowledge with the viewing public, specialising in debunking the confusing world of medicine, in a warm, down to earth and straightforward manner.

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