Chloe Macintosh: Intimacy Unbound

This week on The Happy Vagina Podcast we have phenomenal woman and founder Chloe Macintosh who joins us to talk about her journey from starting, where she revolutionised the way people buy furniture, to her latest entrepreneurial mission at KAMA - the phenomenal sexual wellness platform for education and exploration. Chloe speaks candidly about the right to education for all human beings, her dedication to amplifying others and her belief that we do not need a sexual revolution - but a sexual evolution. Something she believes is not so hard to achieve if we connected more to our full being.

Chloe Macintosh is the founder and CEO of Kama, a leading destination for sexual education and sexual exploration. before founding Kama Chloe was the co-founder at Made.Com and Chief Creative Officer for the Soho House Group where she led the digital transformation.

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