48 Looking Back & Looking Forwards

As Maryam and Fiona wrap-up season one of The Guinea Pig, they look back over the last year at some of the treatments they loved the most, were disappointed in or can't wait to return to. 

In this mixed-bag, our hosts talk varicose veins and if Fiona's treatment from Prof Mark Whiteley has stood the test of time, experiences in threading and what the new trends in the procedure mean for people who may not realise there's no going back. 

We also hear some pretty honest opinions on body sculpting and if a gym membership would be a more effective - and cheaper - option. 

Fiona and Maryam also tell us what they have found has worked for them during quarantine, which shoes have been a godsend in helping with everyday fitness? A miracle cure for dry feet and how an 'aura ring' can help shift the lockdown calories. 

We also get a sneak peek into season two and what kind of treatments may be on trial... will Fiona rush to get the same procedures to her bladder she tried in season one and what are the big trends in tweakments we can expect to see? 

Thank you SO much for joining us this past year, we've loved bringing the show to you and will be back in the Autumn. In the meantime though, don't forget to get in touch and tell us what you would like to see featured in season two! 

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Take care, stay safe and see you later this year, 

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