23 Alexandra Shulman's Beauty Essentials

In this episode, former Editor-In-Chief of Vogue magazine, Alexandra Shulman dropped into the clinic - an environment rather unfamiliar to her - to show Maryam and Fiona the results of her recent collaboration with Boots No7 range. 

Although Alex loves all things make-up and beauty, she's always resisted ANY kind of procedure invasive or noninvasive and would rather be doing practically anything else with her time. Alex, Maryam and Fiona chat about body image and if the world of magazines are to blame for playing a part in the upsurge of tweekments, why Alex has never wanted to get anything done herself when everyone around her is, make-up must haves and the top three beauty essentials she can't live without. 

Oh and we also find out there was almost a world wide mascara shortage! 



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