EP.11 - Elliott Rae & The Invisibility of Black Dads

This month we are thrilled to welcome dad, founder of the 'Music. Football. Fatherhood.' website and general good egg, Elliott Rae onto the Dad Couch.

Elliott talks about the under representation of "normal" black fathers in the media and advertising, why flexible working hours for women and men are the future if we really want gender equality in the workplace and he brings his daughter's favourite toy into the studio for our first ever Dad Tech Takeover!

Meanwhile Jamie defends his decision to set up an instagram account for his baby daughter, Matilda, and admits to still not having got to grips with how to put her vests on. Seth on the other hand is back at Uni (did someone say fresher's week?!) and is struggling to balance the pressures of academia with his day job and being a dad.


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