Ep. 16 - The Rebirth

Aaaaaaaand we're back. After giving ourselves the summer off to watch the World Cup (and Love Island), we're returning to your podcast app to talk all things fatherhood.

In this ep, the first of our unofficial second series, we find out how Seth and Jamie's summer holidays have shaped up with Eliza and Matilda in tow and we hear a cautionary tale on why potentially toxic liquids should not be left in reach of young children...in case you didn't already know!

We also have a rather echoey chat with journalist and author, James Millar, about his new book 'Dads Don't Babysit: Towards Equal Parenting', which takes a new approach to tackling gender inequality in the home and at work, especially for anyone thinking of taking shared parental leave.

Really glad to be back doing this podcast thing, hope you enjoy!

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