Ep.14 - Tom Redwood & His Baby Food Revolution

This month we are joined by chef to the stars turned entrepreneur Tom Redwood as he talks to us about the disappointing encounter with baby food which inspired him to set up 'Babease', his own brand of 'vegetable-led' baby food, currently making waves in the industry. Tom also discusses his take on how to develop your baby's love for different (and nutritious) types of food from a young age...and tells us why he has a real problem with fussy eaters!

We hear about how Tom's own culinary journey has seen him start life as a vegetarian and develop into a meat eating chef working in an upscale veggie restaurant in Brighton (go figure!), his time as a private chef for Simple Minds and Craig David, and his much more recent experience of becoming a dad for the first time.

Seth and Jamie also catch up about what's new with Eliza and Matilda.


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