EP.12 - Alex Baker & The Fear of Horror Movies, Bodily Fluids & Burger Sauce

On this episode we are delighted to be joined by the ‘New Artist Overlord' himself - Kerrang Radio's Alex Baker!

Father to 1 year old Luna, Alex talks candidly about how it took him several months to really fall in love with her. He also confesses to ditching his beloved cats once Luna entered the world and that drinking gin straight from the bottle was the only thing that got him through the harrowing experience of sleep training his daughter. Not only that, but we may have inadvertently stumbled across the next best selling genre of music!

Meanwhile Seth recalls a horrendous puking incident with Eliza as well as a close shave with a loaded mousetrap, and Jamie blames the influence of Producer Tom's youngest son for Matilda's impressive and relentless new talent!


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