Ep 6: Andrew Clarke - Top London Chef, St Leonards Restaurant

Andrew Clarke is chef-director at the St Leonards and Brunswick House restaurants in London. The food he creates are delectable pieces of art.

After an abrupt social media ‘hiatus’ at the beginning of the year Andrew, took some time to focus on his restaurants and gather some introspective. He has come back online and in life, fighting - being the latest recipient and winner of the “Innovation Award” at The Craft Guild of Chefs Awards this year and a nominee of the Estrella Damm National Restaurant of the year awards.

A self proclaimed 'reluctant' chef, Andrew shares how a pivotal life-changing incident lead him on a journey through mental illness that taught him how to deal with and succeed despite such setbacks.

It’s no wonder that he is also the founder of a very successful "Pilot Light campaign" which was born out of his direct experience devoted to combatting the stigma surrounding mental health in hospitality specifically and having a profound impact.

You don’t want to miss this episode – to get in to the mind of a determined person who not only creates some of the UK’s most beautiful and innovative dishes, but also has a passion to help others who struggle with the ever increasing pressures of todays society through his own experience. I hope that you can apply some of his wisdom to your life, career and doing what you love!