Ep 5. Mark Ordesky - Hollywood Producer

Mark Ordesky is a film and television producer and former Hollywood studio executive.

He’s probably best known for executive producing the Oscar-winning LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy – during which Mark spent the better part of five years in New Zealand supporting his friend Peter Jackson’s historic vision. While earning his chops at indie studio New Line Cinema in the 90s and early naughts, Mark acquired or executive produced over 60 films, including the company’s first Best Picture nominee (SHINE) and it’s first Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival (Lars von Trier’s DANCER IN THE DARK). Mark also helped introduce Jackie Chan to U.S. audiences with the breakout hit “Rumble In The Bronx” while simultaneously championing films from cinema icons such as Terrence Malick, David Mamet, John Waters and Liliana Cavanni!

Now for a second act, he co-runs his own independent production company (called Court Five) – making film and TV content for traditional Hollywood studios and broadcasters as well as global streamers like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon.  All this gives Mark a long view on the challenges and opportunities facing creators today.

 He jokingly refers to Hollywood as his “Bruce Wayne life” because, as Batman, he has a side hustle documenting his preparedness lifestyle design at http://readyissexy.com/. Considering that earthquakes are a regular feature of Los Angeles and Mark’s adopted New Zealand, it’s not surprising.

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