Ep 3. Kim Ngo from Food and Lycra

In this episode we talk about how the pressures of city work life and how being negatively body conscious was taking a toll on her health and well-being. Kim talks about how fitness and exercise was initially a major struggle! But it saved her from unhappiness and ultimately taught her the power of self-love over self-hate in sustaining motivation and achieving success.
Kim shows through her story, how important it is to know what your life philosophy is, in order for your business and personal life to succeed, grow and truly feel fulfilling. She shares some practical ideas on what she did to prepare for her shift from a job as a chartered accountant to a master trainer at 1Rebel and a nike trainer, whilst co-founding increasingly popular platform Food & Lycra.
With a Vietnamese cultural background, we relate how filial piety can add to the pressures of an “unconventional” career and of course we talk about food and her attitude towards it!
Listen to this episode for more insight into how you can open up possibilities for yourself…