Ep 7: Elsie Rutterford & Dominika Minarovic from BYBI Beauty

After starting Clean Beauty Co a goto blog aimed to educate and empower people to make their own beauty products and be more invested in what goes on their skin Elsie and Dominika  launched BYBI in February of 2017.

Having been recognised as natural beauty thought leaders and innovators in the UK, are both trained skincare formulators, have published a book called Clean Beauty, have been mentioned in various leading women’s magazines, and are stocked in a plethora of reputable online stores as well as physical stores like Boots, Harvey Nicols and make up giant Sephora in Australia. In two short years they have taken a once niche segment to the mass market with their 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free skincare products providing transparent and innovative high performance products.

Hear how two friends that have created a successful business partnership and learn how they turned something that they were passionate about into a thriving business, doing what they love.  This episode is really interesting, because they talk about some of their massive failures and how they handled it. We talk about how they balance pitching for seed funding, what that is like (which I found really interesting), and how to overcome mental challenges and relationships in running your own business.

Keep listening to hear an inspiring and insightful perspective from two entrepreneurs who aspire to continue to attract female talent and become the worlds leading sustainable skincare brand – you don’t want to miss this!

Learn about who these two incredible women are and how they got to where they are today.