Guide to Becoming a Travel Guru with Adam Posner

What do you picture when you think of Iceland? A vast white tundra, whitened by snow and ice? Perpetual cold and darkness? I mean, the name ICE-land insinuates as much, right? Wrong! What would you say if I told you it’s a place that turns the color gray into a beautiful shade? Or somewhere that’s as close to being on another planet as you can get? Seems more enticing now, huh? Well, this is how Adam Posner, founder of NHP Talent Group, host of the popular podcast, ThePOZcast, and expert traveler, describes his recent venture to the country.

On this episode of the Ginni Show, I speak with Adam about what made Iceland so special to him as well as some of his other most memorable travel experiences. Join us as we discuss blue lagoons, James Bond-esque tour guides, Napoli pizza, Global DJs, and so much more!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About Adam’s James-Bond-meets-Bear-Grylls Icelandic tour guide (8:03)
  • One of the things Adam makes a point of doing every time he travels (8:57)
  • What makes Iceland different from other trips Adam’s taken (14:25)
  • How Adam balances his work life and his travels (15:53)
  • About Adam’s first-ever travel experience (27:56)
  • Adam’s special tip for traveling with your significant other (31:51)
  • Adam’s mantra around managing time effectively (32:37)

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