Creating Space for a Thriving Life with Karlee Fain

Things are just not normal right now – so why do we expect ourselves to act normally? There’s a bit of societal pressure right now to use your “extra” time to learn a new skill, launch a side business, or do something extraordinary. But we also need to give ourselves a break, time to readjust and create new and sustainable routines to carry us through the COVID-19 quarantine. That’s exactly what my guest today, Karlee Fain, has taught me. We cannot expect ourselves to function as “normal” when things are just not normal – and that’s okay. Permission granted to be not “normal.”Karlee is the host of the Messy & Magnificent podcast as well as a celebrity health and business coach. Throughout our conversation, Karlee explains how her approach to coaching high-achieving women is unique. Instead of focusing on the grit and grind, she focuses on nourishment, breathing, and creating space for a thriving life. She explains what blockages women are facing today, how to remedy popular isolation, and the trend of intergenerational trauma that affects women today. She also shares personal stories around learning to give herself grace, take down the façade of “having it all together,” and how she incorporates boundaries into her life. Tune in to hear more about Karlee’s journey from messy to magnificent. Karlee’s Definition of Joy: “Presence. That’s joy for me.” Some Questions I Ask:  - What is the number one blockage that women face with getting stuff done? (5:49) - Do you find that many women have habits of self-sacrificing? (7:48) - How do you get clear on what you value? (12:04) - What is your morning routine? (16:13) - When you found out that your fiancé suddenly passed, how did you (20:01) - What kept you going while experiencing such deep grief? (24:55) - What’s lighting you up at the moment? (34:36)In This Episode, You Will Learn:  - Why Karlee works to heal the over-achieving population. (4:19) - The remedy for popular isolation. (6:02) - How intergenerational trauma affects women today. (9:04) - Why it’s essential to start the day with what you value. (14:16) - Why Karlee abandoned the notion of having it all together after her fiancé suddenly passed. (20:01) - What the tour bus lifestyle is actually like. (26:51)Connect with Karlee: WebsiteMessy & Magnificent PodcastInstagramFacebookResources: Empowering Relationships by Shakti DurgaPatriarchy Stress Disorder by Dr. Valerie Rein

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