4 Steps for Conducting Tough Conversations with David Wood

Nobody likes having tough conversations – but they’re essential to living a happy life with healthy relationships. So, what’s a tough conversation? It’s one of those conversations where you rehearse it over and over again in your mind before you have it, and you can’t think of anything else until it happens. Maybe they come with anxiety, fear, vulnerability. More often than not, we avoid actually having these conversations, hoping the tension will blow over rather than blow up. Here’s the thing: we NEED to learn how to start having these conversations. According to David Wood – the tough conversations ninja - having tough conversations is the doorway to confidence and success in both work and life, and there’s a big cost to avoiding them. In this episode, David and I talk about the realities of having a tough conversation, from how to initiate them to how to respond when approached with one. He talks through the CARE model and how inmates and CEOs both can use it productively, how to create structure for taking turns speaking, and even how David has applied these tips to his everyday life. Some Questions I Ask:  - What’s your advice for creating space for tough conversations? (3:43) - How can the person on the receiving end hold space for a tough conversation? (9:24) - How are CEOs’ and inmates’ conversation styles similar, given the power dynamics at play? (20:01) - What are the consequences of avoiding tough conversations? (34:29) - What is your personal definition of happiness? (41:04)In This Episode, You Will Learn:  - How you know you need to have a tough conversation. (4:01) - How NOT to create space to have a tough conversation. (6:09) - How to take turns speaking and expressing amid tough conversations. (16:02) - How the CARE model is used for restorative justice. (24:23) - The most awkward tough conversation David ever had to initiate. (29:21) - How David starts his day. (39:28)Connect with David: WebsiteTough Conversations Podcast with David Wood

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