Sipping Tea with Your Past, Present and Future Selves with Mitra Manesh

How are you spending your time during the global pandemic? Before COVID-19 hit, many of us were constantly stimulated. We were always on the go, looking forward to our next objective. At night, many choose to fill time in front of the television or something else. In other words, sitting in stillness is a rare experience. We’ve developed a behavioral pattern of constantly bombarding and distracting our brains with outside stimulation, which blocks out our own thoughts. That’s why I brought Mitra Manesh for this episode. Mitra is a mindfulness thought leader and founder of the Innermap app. Her work is a blend of Western corporate training and Eastern inner-based practices. The result is a unique appraoch, offering knowledge and wisdom in a practical and empowering way. Throughout this episode, Mitra shares her experience of fleeing Iran during war, and how she stumbled into mindfulness and mindful living. She also shares her strategies for mindfully engaging with the past and future – with a strict itinerary – and why we should visit those places. Tune in to get back in tune with yourself and start living a mindful life. Some Questions I Ask:  - How were you introduced to mindfulness and mindful living? (3:49) - How do you mitigate feelings of guilt, as many women struggle with this when they have a high-achieving, thriving career? (11:38) - When did you institute your theory of vising the past and future with a strict itinerary? (21:50) - What is your favorite Rumi quote or teaching and why? (26:18) - How do you start your day? (31:46) - Tell me about your teacher. (34:05)In This Episode, You Will Learn:  - How Mitra and her clients are showing up during the COVID-19 pandemic. (6:56) - What it was like for Mitra to literally walk out of Iran into Turkey during the war. (10:04) - How to mindfully engage with the past and future without becoming anxious or depressed. (17:57) - How Mitra learned to befriend death. (26:38) - What is oil pulling? (31:48) - How a 90-year-old Buddhist monk taught Mitra to have fun. (36:13) - Mitra’s advice for combatting anxiety during the pandemic. (38:18)Connect with Mitra Manesh: InnermapInstagram 

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