What Matters Most? with Frank Clark

What do you value? Now that’s a loaded question. Getting clear on what you value is something most people - unless they consciously make space to consider this - never let dictate the way they live. But the truth is, if you let life run the show, you’ll find yourself all out of balance. On this episode, I talk with Frank Clark, an awe-inspiring serial entrepreneur, recognized as one of the Top CEOs in his field. He has created and sold many multinational companies, producing hundreds of millions of dollars, working with startups and Fortune 50 companies around the globe. Throughout our conversation, Frank shares the valuable lessons he’s learned as an entrepreneur so far, including how he realized what he truly values. Even though he built and extremely successful career for himself at a young age, it came at a cost; he ultimately lost sight of what truly matters most to him, including time with his children. Frank also shares his insights on why he knew entrepreneurship was the right path for him, how he starts his days, and why it’s vital to invest in company culture. Tune in learn more about Frank’s story and how you can get your life back in alignment!Frank’s Happiness Hack:Real happiness is when you’re content; when you’re at peace. When you’re calm. Like when you’re feeling grateful, when you’re feeling love, when you’re feeling blessed, when you feel complete. When you feel really creative, you’re feeling just unstoppable. Some Questions I Ask:  - What did your family think when you became an entrepreneur at 8 years old? (0:44) - Why do you think your parents encouraged your entrepreneurial spirit? (4:20) - Do you ever question whether the entrepreneurial path is right for you? (6:08) - What do you find to be the most common mistake made by CEOs and entrepreneurs today? (20:02) - How do you start your day? (27:33) - What is your definition of happiness? (30;28)In This Episode You Will Learn:  - How Frank learned to negotiate with the Hell’s Angels at 10 years old. (0:50) - Why being bullied pushed Frank to become a CEO. (6:14) - The value of vulnerability in leadership and business. (9:13) - The moment when Frank realized he’d put his work above his family. (12:56) - Why corporate culture is vital to a company’s success. (21:03) - What Frank learns about himself when he skips his morning routine. (29:10)Connect with Frank Clark: WebsiteFacebookInstagramOrange Crushing It with Frank Clark

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