Some Comedic Relief with JL Cauvin

Need a little more laughter in your life? This week’s guest will bring you just that. A few weeks ago, JL Cauvin recorded an off-the-cuff, selfie-style video, wearing a MAGA hat, and he took the internet by storm with his impeccable impersonation of Donald J. Trump. On this week’s episode, JL talks us thought what it was like to become famous overnight, what he was working toward for the last 16 years of his comedic career, and why he nearly gave up comedy completely. Tune in to feel a little lighter, and check out JL’s video for a good laugh. Some Questions I Ask:  - How did you learn Trump’s mannerisms? (3:26) - Did you ever think that your comedic career would lead up to this type of impression at such a scale? (6:37) - What do you think Donald Trump would tweet at you? (17:01)In This Episode, You Will Learn:  - How JL’s video impersonating Donald Trump went viral. (2:04) - The 16 years of JL’s comedy career so far. (6:51) - Why JL nearly decided to give up comedy. (13:54)Connect with JL: WebsiteMaking Podcasts Great AgainResources: JL’s Viral Trump Impersonation

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